As part of UPI Technologies’ numerous social enhancement education programs, we have introduced the USS.
The USS is an acronym for Uniyat Scholarship Scheme. A scheme that provides scholarships to students who
are willing and capable of acquiring COMPETENCY SKILLS in I.T and I.T-related disciplines.

The scheme’s main objective is to empower young people to build up skills that propel them to startup
businesses in related emerging technology space, and to help close the gap of technology deficiency in a
a developing country like Ghana.

Who qualifies
1.   Minimum education of SHS or equivalent
2.   Needy – Difficulty in affording fees
3.   Passionate about technology

How to apply
1.   Fill out a scholarship form online or at any UPI office for Ghs20
2.   You will receive a text message within 7 days to confirm the date for a 30 minutes Test and interview
3.   Your Test score becomes your scholarship package.

To fill out the scholarship form online, please click the link below.
(You will require a PASSCODE to access the scholarship form. Call 0555383848 to get your PASSCODE)