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Please click "Courses" from the top menu or below from the footer to access all courses.

We run a lot of courses and each course has its duration. Generally a course duration determines the certification and content.
Our courses are as well divided into modular and non modular. With modular courses, the shortest duration has 3 semesters and the longest duration has 5 semesters.
Non modular courses have 1 month as the short duration and 8 months as the longest duration.
All these depend on the course you decide to do.

UPI fees depend on the course and duration of study. The minimum fee currently stands at Ghs1300 for Physical Campus courses and a minimum of Ghs450 for Online based courses.
Nevertheless most campus courses as at January 2023 has Ghs1995 as tuition fee.

We provide two options of application

  • Online Application
  • Form Pickup Application
    Online Application provides the ease to fill FORM from online wherever you are. Click 'Admission Form' from the top menu or below, from the footer.
    Form Pickup Application requires that you walk into any UPI office near you and request for admission form. Fill and submit when done.
  • UPI has a fine payment policy that allows parents and students to choose the installment payment option which allows them to pay at their own convenience as mutually agreed by both parties. Our policy allows for 60% initial payment and remaining spread throughout the course duration. Exciting!

    A separate private hostel facility is available for students coming from far distance.

    UPI can be located in Accra, Kumasi, and Kasoa.
    Accra, we are located at Delta House around Asylum Down Roundabout. About 300 meters from Paloma Hotel. GPS Address GA-049-8836.
    Kumasi, we are located at Afful Nkwanta, between Children's Park and Anloga Junction. Behind Total Energies. GPS Address AK-042-6375.
    Kumasi, we are also located at Maxima, Tech road, adjacent the MTN office (The Cabin) GPS Address AK-193-4164.
    Kasoa, we are located at Brigade Bus Stop, right by the main Weija-Kasoa main road. 2km after Kasoa toll booth when coming from Weija GPS. Address GS-0555-0022

    Yes! uniYAT Practical Institute (UPI) is opened to all who are willing to take a step and to make a change in improving their lives. The school's main objective is to create employment through entrepreneurship. To get admitted, you should have completed SHS, be a tertiary student, or completed tertiary. Those who couldn't complete SHS will have to take a bridging course for two months to prepare them for the main Campus Courses.

    Online tutorial course requires that you choose any of the online tutorial courses, pay, and start automatically without you going through admission form process and processing.

    Yes. You can register by picking admission form online, either by downloading admission form or filling the form directly on our website by clicking "Admission Form" located at the top menu.

    The main difference between the two is the course structure. While campus courses have a structured teacher-student approach of curriculum, the distance courses are structured to have a self-motivated approach. A campus student has to choose from two class sessions; regular or weekend. A distance student has only one session; learn online and attend classes once every two weeks to meet lecturer for further clarification, intensive practical work, questions and answers, and to take-up periodic practical project test.


    What Certificate will I get after I complete the course?
    UPI runs various certification courses, including International Professional Certification, Competency Certification, Professional Diploma Certification, and Academic Diploma Certification.

    UPI does not run degree courses. Our main focus is on Competency (Hands-on practical) Training.

    UPI adopts a competency training module because of its practical approach and requirements. Competency training equips students with the required hands-on skills necessary to fit into related industry ready.

    And since UPI is a fully equipped TVET registered training facility you get all the benefits thereof; highly practical training giving students the actual hands-on skill necessary to be able to work as a professional

    UPI offers both campus and online courses depending on the course and individual students' preference
    On Campus
    Campus program means a student chooses to study in one of our facilities, attending classes every day from Monday to Thursday. And spending minimum and maximum hours of 2hrs and 5hrs respectively on regular weekday session. Weekend class session is also available and runs every weekend - Saturdays and Sundays from 2 pm to 6 pm
    Online courses are divided into two categories. Online Realtime courses and Online tutorial courses. Online Real-time courses provide the option to join the class as and when the class is in session (Morning, Afternoon, or Evening) with the help of a computer or phone with an internet connection.
    Then we have the Online tutorial courses. These are prerecorded courses available on our platform to everyone who wants to take a course.

    We currently run 4 separate sessions, making it very flexible for anyone to be part of the UPI family.
    We have the Regular Session, with which classes run Monday to Thursday - from 9 am to 12 pm.
    Then the Weekend Session, which classes run Saturdays and Sundays - from 2 pm to 6 pm.
    Then the Evening Session, which classes run Monday to Thursday - from 5 pm to 7 pm.
    And then finally the Online Session. Which runs online. The online session has no geographical barrier, and, anyone from anywhere can be part of and enrol on the online class.

    Most courses offered here at UPI are already combined. What we call paired courses. That is to say, the courses are already combined. It means choosing more than one combined course will mean in actual terms taking up more than two. We can only advise students to take one course at a time.

    I dropped out of High School, is there any chance for me to be admitted into uniYAT Practical Institute (UPI)?
    For those who couldn't complete SHS, uniYAT Practical Institute (UPI) allows you to take a bridging course for two months to prepare you for the main Campus Courses

    For those who couldn't complete SHS, uniYAT Practical Institute (UPI) allows you to take a bridging course for two months to prepare you for the main Campus Courses

    Admission forms can be bought at any uniYAT Practical Institute (UPI) campus located in Accra, Kumasi, and Kasoa, or online at at the cost of Ghs100.

    Before starting the class, each student should have his own personal laptop. Except for special reasons or in the case of an isolated programme where the school students are given special high-end computers to use.

    After buying or securing your admission form, you will be given your login credentials to be able to login to your learning or lectures dashboard. Every distance/online student is taken through the process and training on how to use uniYAT Practical Institute (UPI) online learning dashboard before they are given the login credential. A comprehensive system everyone can use.

    For an online tutorial course, you will simply have to choose a preferred course online on our web platform, go through the process as the system requires, make payment, and then an automatic access is granted to start your course immediately.

    The online course is opened to all who wish to take up a career in IT and entrepreneurship but do not have the luxury of time to do so on regular basis. You should have at least completed SHS. For some who did not get the opportunity to complete SHS, a bridging program is organized to prepare them to take the main program.

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