Learn with passion to live with purpose.

You can only find your true purpose if you do what you love

What Make Us Spcecial?

Employers who are focused on achieving results find our students to be a good fit.

uniYAT Practical Institute (UPI) is a practical skill acquisition hub that focuses mainly on the PRACTICAL approach to learning. Our main objective is to use practical technology, coupled with Engineering to create the best I.T professionals to feed the ever demanding Ghana's technological industry. We are in; to raise the bar, to set a standard, and to create employment. At uniYAT Practical Institute (UPI) we believe in everyone; irrespective of your level of IQ, intellect or smartness, irrespective of your level of education, grades or certificate, we believe you can be transformed through the power and effectiveness of PRACTICAL education.
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uniYAT Practical Institute (UPI), the advanced technological school offers a purely practical approach to learning leading to Competency, Diploma, Professional Certifications. We offer a standard learning experience that comes with its own equipment, facilities, resources, instructional materials, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study and understand vividly at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle Software Engineering, Mobile APP Development, Graphics Design and 3D animation, Database Management, Computer studies and office administration, Computer Hardware and Phone Technician, Network Engineering, Cyber Security, Design Technology, Drone Piloting, Online Business and eCommerce.
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UPI is not a university and does not offer degree programs. UPI is a practical skill acquisition centre. Our approach is quite different from the normal. Here students learn by doing, they acquire competency skills by experiencing and exposing themselves to things. A hub where students learn with industry standard software, machines, tools and equipment. A program that seeks to equip UPI students with actual experience to work as professionals by the time they complete.
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Creativity and innovation should be an integral part of our educational system. An approach where students are able to solve real problems with real skills coupled with innovation and creativity. Everyone is unique and special, but it can only manifest if they do what they love.

Collins Osei, BOD Chair

A Great Place for Practical Skill Acquisition